Joe and Bert makes up, Brian is looking forward to his holiday.

Radio Times: Bert makes an apology

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  • David is impressed with Bert’s new statue ‘Mabel’ which Joe produced. He didn’t even ask for any money despite all the things Bert has been saying about him. Maybe buying Joe a pint will help sort things out.
  • Brian is issuing instructions to Debbie about what needs doing in his absence. Chasing up the combine people is the most important – but if there were any problems they would have heard. Brian deserves a holiday, it’s been a tough few months but at least there will be no Matt Crawford to worry about! There is a board meeting while Brian is away but it seems to be standard stuff.
  • Eddie has sold one of his ornaments for £20. Maybe he can sell some at Leyton Cross market. Joe is stuck on a story for his radio programme, he can’t think of what to say but the idea of a drink at the Bull seems very attractive.
  • Things seem to be going okay at Brookfield. Its good to have a chance to relax for a drink at the Bull. Debbie and Brian join Ruth and David. Brian is rather looking forward to his holiday but they are not taking Alice. She can’t be out of school and she prefers being with her friends. Brenda and Scott are spotted ‘together’. Surely she can’t be taken in by him and what will happen when Lillian finds out.
  • Eddie and Joe are still worried about Ed. Fallon on the other hand is working very hard. Bert appears to thank Joe for the statue and the work he has put in on Bert’s garden while he was stuck at Brookfield. He may have gone too far in criticising Joe’s Jottings. All seems well now. Joe is going to give some credit in his next show to Bert.

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