Joe manages to wind Bert up again and Brenda thinks Scott is playing fair by her

Radio Times: Wayne issues a friendly warning.

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  • Brenda is still worried about what Lillian will think but Scott says no need to worry. Wayne seems less than keen that Scott is at the radio station again. Scott claims to be very interested – especially in the docu-soap at Grey Gables. Wayne knows Scott is staying there – he saw him there last night.
  • Ruth seems in very high spirits. The grass is looking very good. David is pleased to see her happy. They have a lot to look forward to. Bert needs to take his break early again to listen to Joe’s show and his apology – is that wise?
  • Joe does claim to ‘clear up the misunderstanding’ on air and dedicates his ‘Old John Briar’ story to Bert. He says it is one of Bert’s own style and also compliments Freda on being a ‘fine figure of a woman. (Brenda recognises the story as one he told at Halloween.) Scott is not impressed with Wayne’s presenting style which he thinks rather dull.
  • Ruth and David don’t think the pictures of Meriel look much like Kenton. Jill likes the new photos. Bert is furious about Joe’s broadcast. The story wasn’t Bert’s and he shouldn’t have complimented Freda. He is going to phone the radio station again.
  • Wayne tries to warn Brenda that Scott is taking her for a ride. Brenda says she knows what she is doing. She shouldn’t be having Scott in the studio so much and Wayne doesn’t want to see her hurt. He saw Scott with Lillian last night. Brenda thinks Scott is trying to let Lillian down gently and everything will be fine.

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