Grey Gables prepares itself for the TV crew and Lilian sees Scott and Brenda in flagrante

Radio Times: Scott is at it again.

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  • Jack wants to talk to Caroline but she is working at home and won’t answer the phone. Linda persuades Jack to make her ‘liaison officer’ for the docu-soap. Linda wastes no time in settling herself in as Location Manager.
  • Lillian and Scott are back together in the Royal Garden Suite – so Jack can’t get in to inspect for the tv crew, but they will be getting up for a gourmet lunch in the restaurant
  • The Herefords seem to be going well. Maybe they will still want to expand into that area too – Ruth can do the AI herself – the hay is coming on too. Ruth and David are looking forward to haymaking but will miss Eddie and his small bailer. There should be enough help to go around.
  • Jack’s inspection has resulted in him pulling a curtain rail off the wall. Linda hasn’t been able to get hold of the production team but has been reading in all the same. Brenda wants to talk to Caroline too about the radio feature on the docusoap. Linda thinks she should take over but Jack thinks not. Scott appears and tries to encourage Brenda to leave and offers to show her to her car. Jack and Linda try to keep Lillian away from the car park but to no avail. Brenda and Scott are found together in the car park saying a fond farewell. Lillian leaves in high dudgeon with Scott in hot pursuit. Lillian and Scott row. Lillian doesn’t take him seriously. Scott walks out.

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