Scott and Lilian make up, Grey Gables, though, isn’t coming across on TV as Jack had hoped

Radio Times: Lilian is frantic.

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  • Ruth and Jill are in Underwood’s greetings card’s department, choosing birthday cards for Phil. Ruth is also on a shopping expedition to buy some tines. Jill lets slip that she’s also there to choose Ruth’s card from David.. The sight of a ‘Sorry you’re leaving ‘ card prompts a discussion on the Lilian / Scott debacle.
  • In Grey Gables’ reception Lilian is in great distress – after the huge row last night Scott didn’t return, she is in one heck of a state, and wants Lynda to call out the emergency services. Lynda does her best to calm her down and is joined in this by Jack. After much cajoling they persuade Lilian to go have a nap, she looks so tired,of course they will call her if there’s any news.
  • Jack is annoyed with Lynda. Apparently she turned her interview with the TV woman into a discussion on the virtues of Feng Shui! (This is not the impression Jack wants of give of Grey Gables at all!) Lynda ripostes with the news that Jon Paul is not very happy with being turned into some stereotypical chef either – Jack has some idea that a French speaking French chef is somehow more authentic and that maybe he can be sub-titled! Just then Scott returns and is given a flea in his ear by both Jack and Lynda.
  • The two weary shoppers return to the farm, and while Ruth goes to unpack, Jill shows David the card ‘he’s’ bought for her. He is pleased, it’s just right, couldn’t be better if Ruth had chosen it herself! He wants to get her a really good present too and he may have thought of just the thing. Only he’ll need Jill and Phil’s help.
  • A gentle knock on the Garden Suite’s door brings the prodigal son home to his Sugar-Mummy. A nauseating scene ensues where Scott swears his undying love, he only went off with Brenda because he didn’t think Lilian was letting him into her real life, why would he want a silly girl when he could have a mature woman? It goes on …

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