Ed’s having girl problems, Joe and Bert are still not seeing eye to eye

Radio Times: Fallon lets her hair down.

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  • Brenda is still trying to keep Bert off the air. Joe thinks Bert is going over the top. Why did Brenda put through all the people that were complaining they had heard the story before. Joe had better come up with something special next week. Scott calls.
  • Ed surprises Fallon by meeting her from school. It’s the “Bull Upstairs” tonight, but Fallon’s not sure if she will be going.
  • Mike is still interested in doing the veg box deliveries for Tony but it seems as if Tony might have gone off the idea. The new veg pickers might be a challenge for Kirsty though! Brenda seems to be rather out of sorts but at least Bert seems a bit more cheerful. Mike is worried Brenda seems a bit upset. He thinks it’s work and the Borchester Land deal. Maybe she’s trying too hard – what with all the late nights and early mornings. Perhaps she’ll go to the Bull Upstairs with her friends.
  • Ed’s next attempt is to get Emma to the Bull as well. She’s is non committal too. Ed’s pretty bored without anything to do. Emma is happy to reassure her Dad she is certainly not going out with Ed.
  • Joe is still trying to avoid Bert but to no avail. They are still at logger heads. He shouldn’t have said those things about Freda. Joe escapes leaving Mike holding the drinks.
  • Ed has no luck with any of the girls at the Bull. Brenda advises him, as an older, woman, to choose one and stick with it! It makes life so much easier.

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