Hayley and Roy are nervous about Phoebe’s departure and Scott’s triangle still seem three-pointed

Radio Times: David unveils a present.

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  • Roy is dropping off Phoebe at Home Farm and discusses Phoebe’s needs for the coming journey to S.A. Lilian is taking Jennifer and her shopping this morning as a treat, playing the generous sister and great-aunt. Roy sounds uneasy at the thought of Lilian spending so much on Phoebe – he and Hayley have already bought her a new dress for the christening
  • Brenda has called to show Hayley some photos of Phoebe she took last week; they both agree that Pheebs is very photogenic. Hayley delicately enquires about Brenda’s fling with Scott. It’s quite apparent that she’s besotted with him – and that the affair is by no means over. Isn’t Scott thoughtful for wanting to let Lilian down so gently …
  • Lilian and Jennifer are resting in the middle of a mammoth shopping spree, Lilian has been indulging herself and Phoebe. Its Jennifer’s turn to delicately enquire about the Lilian / Scott relationship. Of course its by no means over – he’s done this in the past over some silly floozy of a girl, and he always comes back. Conversation turns to the forthcoming trip. Lilian admits that if she were Kate, she wouldn’t let Phoebe come back. Oh dear …
  • On the village green Hayley and Roy are meeting up with granny and great aunt. Hayley tells him that she’s uneasy; why have they bought all those clothes for Phoebe? “She is coming back isn’t she?” Roy goes to join Lilian, who’s giving Phoebe far too boisterous a time on the roundabout. Hayley tackles Jennifer straight away. She trusts her, but not Kate. They WILL bring Phoebe back, won’t they? Jennifer is hurriedly reassuring. Anyway, if Kate ever wanted to vary the custody order, she’ll have to do it through the proper channels.
  • Ruth is sheep wrestling while the shearers have lunch. David is impressed with her level of fitness; she’s made marvellous progress in a year. She nags him into letting her know what he’s got planned for her birthday treat – its their longed-for, holiday to Scarborough at the start of July. It’s all arranged, he’s already booked the hotel.

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