Haymaking at Brookfield and perhaps a night to remember.

Radio Times: Ruth and David make hay.

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  • It is a fine day for haymaking at Brookfield. Oliver has not only made his small baler available, he has been helping himself. Bert has helped too.
  • Jill breaks off from collecting eggs, in the awkward places her hens lay them, to listen to George’s plans for the police house and to direct him to the haymaking.
  • David has had a designer T-shirt from his children for Father’s Day, which he puts on in time for their arrival with Jill, and with food. Jill actually apologises for only bringing two sorts of pickle.
  • Oliver rather unwisely challenges George’s identification of the willows by the brook; he would have kept quiet if he had realised that George was a tree warden. He is full of admiration for the way Ruth and David work on the farm as a team.
  • Ruth and David ride home on top of the last load, exhausted. It is not going to rain, so unloading can wait until morning. The kids are in bed so there is no point in rushing.

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