As Scott meets Brenda, Lilian proves that there is no fool like an old fool.

Radio Times: Lilian outstays her welcome.

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  • Scott is preparing for a trip to the dentist in Borchester and Lynda is on hand to provide directions. He asks that she pass on to the TV people his offer to present the programme, although he thinks Lynda’s ideas about the equipment they will use are a bit wide of the mark.
  • Brenda has given Joe a lift into Borchester but she will not be coming into the radio station to listen and she will not be able to give him a lift back.
  • Lilian is at a loose end, with Jennifer away in South Africa and Scott in town, so she plagues Jill with her company. However, Jill has got some baking to get on with and smoking in her kitchen is strictly taboo. Lilian is not impressed with Christine and George’s plans for the police house: it will still be a dump when they have finished it. She is in full flow about the holiday in London which Scott is planning for them both in three weeks time, when Jill suddenly remembers Joe’s Jottings on the radio. Lilian is not impressed with that either and does not believe the story Joe tells.
  • The filming at Grey Gables is to start a week on Thursday and continue through the weekend until Monday. They don’t want Scott as a presenter and Lynda’s lighting ideas are indeed a bit out of date.
  • Pointedly getting on with her pie, Jill has to concede that Lilian seems very happy with Scott. Lilian believes that there is no real age difference between them, spiritually. Of course, Scott does not really need the whole afternoon to go to the dentist; he will be arranging additional treats for the London trip.
  • Actually he is not. He is meeting Brenda.

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