Debbie has big new toy but is rather sensitive about it.

Radio Times: Debbie protests too much.

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  • David has called to see Debbie about the lamb venture but when he finds her trying out a new tractor, a big new tractor, prairie sized according to Simon, his mind is on that. Would he like a ride on it? Silly question.
  • Nigel calls at Brookfield during milking, hoping to drum up custom for the falconry demonstration tomorrow. He has left some leaflets at Grey Gables, avoiding the bar where Lilian and Scott were all over each other; poor Nigel, he didn’t know where to look. David won’t be able to go but Ruth and the kids will. Nigel has bribed Eddie to bring the whole family by allowing him to sell ornaments from the van. At least he doesn’t want to sell them from the gallery; don’t anyone suggest it!
  • Upon his return, David has to admit that the new tractor had driven all thoughts of lamb out of his head. They reckon that the Aldridges have more money than they admit, with holidays in South Africa, a new tractor and then a cultivator to come. David has also been chatting to Oliver who is about to start his own harvest.
  • Simon has cooked supper, which is going down well. Debbie gives a progress report on the holidaymakers: Phoebe is with Kate and Lucas until Friday while Brian and Jennifer visit the Kruger National Park. Brian had insisted on talking farm matters so Debbie had told him about the tractor. Simon suggests that telling him while on holiday, and therefore relaxed, was a good move but this idea seems to touch a sensitive spot with Debbie. They got a good deal with the tractor. It will pay off, bringing costs right down. They were completely justified in leasing it, completely. Methinks she doth protest too much.

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