The falconry demonstration is a great success.

Radio Times: Nigel fancies a flutter.

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  • Nigel need not have worried; loads of people have turned up at Lower Loxley to watch the falconry display. As they wait, Ruth is able to tell Clarrie that Joe must be doing his Jottings right at last: Bert has no complaint. However Oliver is not able to tell her where Ed is. Neil cannot understand why Christopher is talking to the falconry demonstrator, Jessica. He will!
  • Elizabeth is worried about several business opportunities which Lower Loxley has failed to capture; Beverley has not followed up to find out why the prospective customers did not choose them. They need to push harder to make up lost ground. Nigel agrees but not now! The falconry demonstration is about to begin.
  • Lilian is being just as big a pain as usual, asking Oliver to lobby Caroline and press Scott’s case to appear in the documentary. She is on a loser there: he knows better than to interfere in Caroline’s business.
  • Neil has been volunteered by Christopher: he has to run like crazy towing a fake rabbit. The hawk swoops and nobody envies him but all is well, it goes for the rabbit and not Neil. Finally a tawny eagle is produced, sent off on wide arc and then called back. Elizabeth is still worried about Beverley and thinks they may have to let her go. Nigel thinks he couldn’t let her go for fear she would not come back. They are not talking about the same bird! Nigel is clearly hooked on falconry and Elizabeth thinks it brings out something regal in him. Ah!

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