David and Ruth are thinking about getting out of sheep, much to Pip’s concern.

Radio Times: Pip is full of enthusiasm, while Brenda slaves over a hot stove.

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  • Pip has come up with new ideas to help market Hassett Hills lamb. She’d even like to start turning the fleeces into luxury goods. And thinks a celebrity lamb on Facebook would work. David says he is impressed and will arrange for her to speak at the next meeting of the group. But later in the day she finds out that David and Ruth are thinking about giving up the sheep to expand the dairy herd instead. She can’t believe either that they are thinking about giving up the profitable sheep to expand the loss making herd, or that David has let her just waste her time like that. David tries to tell her nothing is settled but she doesn’t sound convinced.
  • Brenda and Tom have got their four top recipes to trial for the ready meals. Daryl, from next door, has begun to do some work for Peggy. Brenda thinks they should help him out if they can. He seems like a really nice bloke. Pat hasn’t been persuaded to speak at the launch party. Her focus has now switched to the BL dairy. Brenda is still trying to get Tom to go on holiday and he says that he will, as soon as the business is back in the heat.

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