Ambridge loses phone and internet connection due to a theft of copper cables which will take several days to sort out.

Radio Times: Caroline faces some communication difficulties and Tom is on a roll.

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  • The broadband system at Grey Gables has collapsed and Caroline is trying to sort the hordes of people who seem to be trying to check out at the same time from Grey Gables. Brian is suffering the same thing – he really wants to knock the Borchester Echo story on the head. Though Jennifer says the atmosphere in the village wasn’t happy.
  • Ian finds out it’s a general problem across Ambridge. They won’t be getting any late bookings over the internet. Caroline decides they really need more help and drafts Oliver in. He seems to be keeping up by giving people upgrades. Caroline is worrying how it will deter people who are trying to get their special January offers.
  • The new packaging for Ambridge Organics has arrived Tom has to go to Borchester to upload it but he’s really thrilled. When Tom does a search E. coli only turns up on page 6 when he looks for Ambridge Organics. And a new wholesaler seems interested.
  • Brian is impressed at the way Will has picked up the reins again after his honeymoon and Brian is more cheerful about that. Brian has also made some progress with the publicity campaign.
  • Jennifer thinks the loss of phones and internet might be a good thing – obviously they have to worry about older people but it’s quite relaxing. But the main question is when will it be sorted. The overall problem is thieves have ripped out a huge quantity of copper cable and it could be several days to sort it out.

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