The phone lines are still out but Jim decides to work out some support for the elderly.

Radio Times: Ambridge shows its Blitz spirit as Jim organises back-up.

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  • Jim is trying to help out people without phones including Christine. It’s amazing that they got away with it. But she does have a mobile so she will charge it up. Neil lets them know that it might take even longer to fix – there is a flooding problem now.
  • Grey Gables is beginning to improve – manual price lists etc but still no manual card readers. Oliver is off for another look. He can’t find them and Caroline has messed up reading some of Oliver’s writing and let a new guest into an occupied room.
  • The Post Office being off line is a real problem – they can’t issue any benefits. Though Jim is happy enough doing the arithmetic himself. There are a couple of ads for cleaners in the window and Ruth seems interested for some reason. Christine comes in and says how worried she is about some of the old people such as Mr Pullen.
  • Chris turns up to help Neil with the work at No.6. He’s had to give up on Gary helping – and Gary and Bert have even complained about the noise. Neil enjoys offloading on Chris, Gary is totally useless.
  • Jim realises that there are some elderly people who will be reliant on technology to call help so Chris suggests getting a batch of second hand phone, making a collection for some sim cards and some calls in The Bull and Chris and Alice will help show people how to use them.
  • Caroline nearly calms down and meets Ruth at the pond but she explains she is less than impressed by a call from Elizabeth saying that all of their guests are being treated to free coffee and wi fi in the Orangery at Lower Loxley.

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