Pat agrees to do the launch speech. BL’s PR consultant sets up plans to get BL involved in village events.

Radio Times: Brian calls in the experts and Pat makes a positive decision.

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  • Brian is whining about the lack of phones and how he should have priority for getting it fixed. So he’ll have to trail into Felpersham for a meeting with the PR consultants. They’ve found a good firm and their chap, Rufus, understands how much ground they need to make up. Still, Brian finds more to whine about because Adam is still unhappy. Brian tries to explaining to the PR guru why the dairy is “a good thing”. Rufus seems keen to get working on it. His first plan is that they will design and distribute leaflets across Ambridge and beyond. Annabelle and Brian will just have to provide the content. And there is some positive news out there. Annabelle is going to call the Echo, to see if she can get a better story and will work on getting the planning application in as soon as possible. Brian just continues to grump.
  • Pat and Tony are beginning to worry about the phones too. At least Peggy has Elona around. Tony doesn’t like her being alone at night though. Still Elona and Darryl are being very helpful. Peggy is going to recommend Darryl to Caroline in case she needs extra help. Pat is impressed that Tom is really working on building his business but Tony is grumbling about that. Why can’t he spend more time on the farm? Still, Pat at least has decided to do the speech at the launch but she now feels she owes it to them all to make a good job of it. She wants people to know how much work and commitment went into getting them as far as they have.
  • Brian is quite impressed with Rufus, even though he does seem to be only 13. His game plan seems pretty good including BL making contributions to local projects. Brian is prepared to do whatever it takes.

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