Adam gives a spontaneous sound bite to Radio Borchester about the mega dairy.

Radio Times: Adam says more than he should, and Jill is not feeling welcoming.

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  • The police are apparently a bit more confident that they might catch up with the thieves who stole the cable. They are getting more tips these days. Jim is being marvellous though. And Pip and Spencer have been checking on Manorfield Close and Chris and Alice are helping the elderly make simple calls. Emma is apparently having tantrums at Brookfield because changing the name of the cottage is insensitive to George.
  • Jennifer is going over to Lower Loxley to Skype Nolly on her birthday. At least the lines are working there. Brian is getting very frustrated without being able to get on with work. But sounds a bit suspicious when he suddenly wants to visit Jill.
  • Oliver has finally found the manual card readers which is making things a lot easier at Grey Gables. Caroline is actually beginning to enjoy it a bit but she still doesn’t hope it lasts too long. Caroline tells Oliver how wonderful he has been. Without him they might have had to close.
  • David tells Adam that Hassett Hill have agreed that Pip can present. David sympathises with him that the mega dairy project is not his way of thinking. Adam told them it was going to be a problem in the village so they deserve everything they get.
  • Brian tries to suck up to Jill and to offer sponsorship from BL for Britain in Bloom. She is very frosty and sends him in Jim’s direction. And Jill immediately tells Adam about the offer. Adam is shocked that he is now even trying to bribe people. Adam dashes off. And happens to be caught by a Radio Borchester reporter and tells them what he thinks. The reporter is impressed with her sound bite.

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