Adam is heard on the radio criticising the dairy scheme. Tony finally tells Tom that his constant absences from the farm are really getting him down.

Radio Times: There is goods news at last – but not for Brian.

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  • Tom has had another success with a wholesaler in Felpersham. A sizeable contract for Tom Archer brand and positive vibes about Ambridge Organics. Pat tells Tony about a clip she heard on Borchester Radio. It was definitely Adam saying the dairy would be bad for the village, bad for the environment and bad for cows. That will put the cat among the pigeons.
  • Tony is still upset at how much time Tom is spending off the farm. But Tom says he will help. Tony certainly shows no interest in Tom’s plans for Brenda’s snowboarding treat for her birthday.
  • Ambridge is finally back on line. At least Brian and Jennifer could Skype Nolly for her birthday. Phoebe is looking so grown up now. So now Brian has launched off 20 e-mails he can put his PR campaign for BL into action.
  • First stop for Brian is a visit to Jim. Jim turns him down for his money for Britain in Bloom. Jim says it is too much of a hot potato and would make the event to political. He will keep an open mind but it doesn’t seem a natural way of farming to him.
  • Tony has also taken a call from the Borchester Echo who assume he would be against the plans because he was organic. Tony agrees he is but also points out that other farmers are – including members of the Board’s own families.
  • Tom is late again for the milking and too late to help Tony clear a fallen tree. Finally Tony snaps and says having to do everything himself is really getting him down.

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