Helen helps Pat. Susan helps Tracy. Tom is not able to help Tony.

Radio Times: There is no stopping Tracy. Meanwhile, the work mounts up for Tony.

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  • Helen gives Pat a hand as they talk excitedly about the launch, though Pat is worries about the HEF inspection on Thursday – the first since the E. Coli outbreak. She worries about Tony, too. With Tom off to Shrewsbury, Tony has a lot on his plate.
  • Tony helps Tom move the arks, and treats him to a class one moan at the same time. Tom offers to milk this evening as well as Thursday and Friday, which goes a small way to cheering Tony.
  • As Neil goes to The Green to fill in the trench, he sees that someone has filled his skip with black bags. The culprit is Tracy, who is busy clearing out family junk from what will be her room. Susan is upset to see Ivy’s sewing machine in the skip, but Tracy is determined, and when she points out that the clearance will hasten her departure from Neil and Susan’s, Susan offers to hep her sister. They indulge in some sisterly giggles over teenage magazines and valentines. Then Susan finds her old dolls’ house, which she wants to renovate for Keira.
  • Tom’s promotion at Jaxx looks like being a success, and Kenton needs more sausage and bacon. The only problem is that Tom will have to deliver it – just when he was due to do the milking. Tony is understandably unsurprised.

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