Brian meets with strong opposition. Pip meets with some opposition.

Radio Times: Brian walks into a heated debate and Adam is feeling isolated.

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  • It’s the day of Pip’s presentation to the members of the Hassett Hills board, and for once her supreme self-awareness appears to falter, as she stays in the car looking over her notes while David has a chat to Adam. Adam comments ruefully that it must be wonderful to be on such good terms with one’s offspring, and praises Pip’s initiative. Things between him and Brian are no better, to say the least, following his comments on Radio Borsetshire. Job’s comforter David remarks that Adam must have known everyone would recognise his voice.
  • Smug Brian shows Jenny the new BL website, which cannot fail to convert people to the mega-dairy idea. Jenny is not so sure, but Brian just dismisses her concerns.
  • Pip’s presentation goes well (of course), and David is very proud. But more ideas flow from the marketing genius that is Pip; lamb burgers and other products on a par with Tom’s new venture. If Tom can turn around the fortunes of Bridge Farm, then Pip can do the same for Brookfield.
  • Brian’s smugness takes a knock when he encounters a furious Pat, who tells him exactly what she thinks of his factory farming idea. He retaliates by patronizing Pat’s ‘niche farming’ business, but despite his blustering, is forced to retire to Home Farm to lick his wounds. He gets minimal sympathy from Jenny, who tells him he should be trying to build bridges with Pat and Tony. Weakly, Brian says that he tried.
  • David has to point out to Pip that there is just no money to carry out Pip’s ideas, good though they are. But to Pip that is backward thinking. Instead of paying £22K for a slurry tank, they should be looking to the future and investing in her ideas, complete with her amazing virtual lamb.

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