Tracy manipulates Neil. Susan upsets Jennifer. Jim makes Clarrie an offer.

Radio Times: Neil lends a helping hand, while Susan inadvertently causes offence.

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  • With her accustomed lack of sensitivity, Susan tells Clarrie how busy she is – and that it must be nice for out-of-work Clarrie to have some leisure time. Clarrie responds by commenting how good Keira is for her, but not for Emma. Susan is forced to agree. Clarrie’s job-seeker’s allowance runs out in March, so if she can find work, Emma will have to make other arrangements. Clarrie is going to do her food hygiene and catering certificates.
  • As he arrives to get on with the new bathroom, Neil finds Tracy in a state because the paint she has bought will not cover the original colour. He tells her it needed an undercoat, and finds himself offering to bring some white emulsion from home
  • Jim calls at the shop and tells Susan he wants to ask Neil to make an offer for the auction of promises. She tells Jim that Neil has too much on, so Jim will have to ask Neil. Meanwhile she suggests Clarrie, whose knowledge of flowering plants even impressed Alan Titchmarsh. Modest Clarrie is persuaded and accepts, very pleased.
  • Jennifer calls at the shop, where Susan babbles tactlessly on about the Radio Borsetshire interview with Adam. Not content with that, she comments that so many people are against the scheme that Brian can no longer show his face in The Bull. Jennifer makes a feeble attempt at defending Brian, but leaves the shop in high dudgeon.
  • Neil brings some paint, as requested, but finds himself applying it to the wall after some pleading from Tracy. Susan is not pleased when she hears. She admits to Neil that she has put her foot in it with Jennifer.

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