Brian discovers that friendship cannot be bought.

Radio Times: Brian tries to win friends and Jim is typically outspoken.

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  • Feeling that the world is against him, Brian goes to The Bull to put his case to anyone who will listen. Jolene expresses surprise at seeing him, and Brian is quick to say it is because he has been so busy. He tries to get Jolene to tell him what popular opinion is about his scheme, but she is evasive. Knowing the NFU are meeting upstairs, and in the face from some sarcasm from Jim, Brian seizes the moment and joins them for the discussion on badgers.
  • Oliver has been to look at a vaccination scheme in Gloucestershire, and puts the case to the assembly. Ed supports him, but Mike is cynical. They all express surprise at Brian’s presence; he is not usually interested in such things. Mike says how impressive the new BL website is, but is hastily silenced so the meeting can begin.
  • Jim has enjoyed his farmhouse breakfast, though Jolene thinks Jaxx has had greater success. It seems that Jim’s auction of promises and Jolene’s pancake night will clash, but she assures him it will be mutually beneficial. His problem is a lack of definite promises, and he hopes Mike will offer some tree surgery. Meanwhile he is mystified by the popularity of Harry’s gardening offer.
  • Oliver’s presentation convinces the assembly, and they vote to go ahead. Ed is suspicious of Brian’s sudden friendliness. This friendliness translates itself into Brian going downstairs to order 5 pints of Shires (and to listen to a tirade from Jim on the philosophical untenability of the scheme.) As the pints are served, Brian’s ‘friends’ disappear – Mike to play Darrell at darts, the others to discuss the way forward with the vaccination programme. It seems you can’t buy friendship when you are planning a mega-dairy.

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