Brian discovers the power of the press.

Radio Times: Pat waits on tenterhooks. Meanwhile, the divisions widen at Home Farm.

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  • Helen plays with Rowan and Henry when a cross, cold Tony comes in. He had to make an extra delivery to Jaxx, since Tom was too busy elsewhere. Helen asks him not to say anything to Pat, who is worried about the HEF inspection.
  • Brian is still sore after the way the village treated him at The Bull, but says he needs to have a higher profile in the village now. Jennifer’s coffee soothes him, until Brian spies the Echo. It carries two columns of adverse comment about the mega-dairy, including one from ‘an extended family member’ as well as a blistering attack by Adam. Brian is furious.
  • To Pat’s immense relief, the dairy is given a 5* rating. She is rewarded with hugs from Helen and Henry. Tony later admits that he was the extended family member to speak against Brian in the Echo.
  • Brian finds Adam and tells him in no uncertain terms what he thinks of Adam’s treachery. The Echo has also quoted ‘an extended family member’ with similar views to Adam. Adam tries to defend himself, but Brian is in no mood to listen. Adam tells him flatly that other people share his views; the village just doesn’t like the scheme.
  • Oblivious to his father’s weariness, self-satisfied Tom returns to tell them how well his day has gone. They are planning to launch the ready meals in March. Sourly, Tony asks whether Tom might be able to fit some milking in. Tom agrees to do the evening and morning milking, but will not, after all, be able to do Friday afternoon, as he has to see a cafe about the ready meals launch.
  • Brian goes for a walk to calm down, and later tells Jenny he does not know how he can go on working with Adam. Jenny tries to defend her son, but Brian refuses to listen. Adam is a loose cannon.

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