Ian offers sage advice. Debbie offers some consolation. Joe offers to mastermind the cider club records.

Radio Times: Adam tries to set the record straight, and Joe plans a research trip.

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  • Adam rings his mother to ask her to tell Brian that he will be catching up on paperwork at home this morning. He is worried Brian will now accuse him of shirking after their dreadful row yesterday. Ian suggests that he ring Debbie to put the record straight. She might be more sympathetic than Adam thinks.
  • Jim and Joe take a look at the apple orchard with a view to planting more trees, Jim wants variety; Joe prefers known varieties, but suggests some research – cider tasting in various hostelries. Jim is more anxious about the accuracy of the volunteer records. Joe thinks the volunteers are falsifying them, and offers to sort them out himself. Jim has other ideas’ it needs someone impartial.
  • A worried Jennifer goes to se Adam at work. She feels caught between Adam and Brian, and realises Adam is only standing up for his principles, but Brian refuses to discuss it with her. Ian tells her that he wants Adam to ring Debbie, which cheers Jennifer up. Debbie is so clever, she is sure to have a way round the problem.
  • Adam does indeed ring Debbie, who tells him roundly that he is an idiot, and that his lack of thought has caused enormous harm. But after a while she rings him back, and mends fences. She still thinks he is an idiot, but can also see that he is in an impossible situation. Whatever has happened, he is still her brother and that means a lot. They will survive. But she is not sure that Brian will ever forgive him.

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