Brian resists any overtures to his own family but prepares to woo the press.

Radio Times: Neil acquires an unlikely assistant and Jennifer tries to build bridges.

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  • She can twist Neil round her little finger – even better than her sister can. Tracy has seen curtains and blinds for her new room and guess who is going to fit them. Neil does at least insist that the shower has priority but Tracy’s response is to ‘help’ him with it; it’s help he could do without.
  • Jennifer is disappointed that Adam has declined her invitation to lunch; Brian is not.
  • Even though it is Sunday, Pat and Susan have spent the morning in the dairy, getting ready for this week’s launch. Their chat is interrupted by a very grumpy Tony, who is expecting a hot lunch on the table about now. He is to be disappointed; he can have anything he likes but he will have to get it himself. His mood is not improved.
  • At Home Farm plans are being made for the week ahead. Brian gives a very firm ‘no’ to accompanying Jennifer to the Ambridge Organics launch. Tomorrow’s open day at the Green Burial Site is a different matter: the press will be there and he did, after all, donate the land. So Brian sees the opportunity for some networking and for propagating the message about BL’s corporate social responsibility. Ha!

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