Brian has more success than Joe at turning the burial site event to his advantage.

Radio Times: Brian does a spot of networking, and Joe launches a new enterprise.

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  • Brian is very pleased with the publicity materials for the new dairy; they are being mailed out today. It’s the day of the Open Day for the Green Burial Ground and he plans to use the opportunity to spread the word; The Echo and Radio Borsetshire are both in attendance. Joe is here too – uninvited – to advertise the bespoke, green, horse-drawn bier service that he and Bartelby can provide; he gets his marching orders from Jim.
  • Later in The Bull, Joe has another go at gate-crashing the event; Jim can hardly forbid him from giving out his leaflets in the pub. He is not allowed a drink on the Parish Council’s tab but Brian is happy enough to buy him a double whisky – not that he expects it to influence Joe’s view of the dairy project.
  • The event has been a great success. All they need now is a body.

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