Neil doesn’t know it yet but Joe has ‘helped’ with his DIY job.

Radio Times: Joe tackles some DIY while Neil makes a rash promise.

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  • As a result of her presentation to the Hassett Hills farmers, Pip has been commissioned to implement some of her ideas; she will be paid too. Left to do his NVZ records (that’s Nitrate Vulnerable Zones, in case you wondered), David puts in a call to Oliver; they will meet tomorrow to discuss something he cannot talk to Ruth about.
  • Neil is having a night off from his shower building and is enjoying a quiet meal with Susan – Tracy being out. Susan is remarkably tolerant of her young sister, who has had a tough time and not been as lucky in love as Susan herself. Is it deliberate that Susan chooses a moment when he is ‘well fed up and agreeably drunk’ to show Neil the cleaned up dolls’ house? In truth it needs more than a clean-up and Neil volunteers to renovate it – in the fullness of time.
  • Meanwhile Joe is spending the evening with Susan’s dad. Much cider has been drunk when he inspects the shower. Neil has done well, so wouldn’t it be a good idea to help him out by finishing it off? Well-oiled as they are, perhaps they used a bit too much adhesive, and are those border tiles all the right way round? Near enough – for Joe but probably not for Neil.

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