Darrell makes friends in Ambridge and there is good news about tomorrow’s Ambridge Organics launch.

Radio Times: Neil faces disaster and David comes clean.

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  • OMG! Being Neil he actually stops short of the G but you get the picture, as indeed has he – a picture of devastation in the shower room. Needing a drink, he heads for The Bull, where he encounters Mike and Darrell. The latter has been doing some work for Mike and will be working at Grey Gables later in the week, thanks to a good word from Peggy; today he is at a loose end and is quick to volunteer to help Neil restore order in the shower, so as to be ready for the electrician on Friday. His neighbourly gesture brings forth another: Mike suggests that he might have some casual dairy work for daughter Rosa, after appropriate training.
  • David is also seeking help from a neighbour – a clear, objective view from Oliver on whether to sell the herd. Mum’s the word though, because Ruth is not aware of his deliberations. Of course Oliver cannot tell him what to do but does urge him to talk to Ruth, soon. They are in this together.
  • Tom and Brenda have been preparing for tomorrow’s launch of the Ambridge Organics brand, but Tom is pinning his hopes on local celebrity chef Shelly Brazil being there. He is driving when her text arrives, giving Brenda the opportunity for some gentle teasing (as well as threatening to bid for Harry in the Promises Auction!). The response however is positive: she will come and will bring a Borchester Life photographer too. Yes!

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