The Ambridge Organics brand launch is a success.

Radio Times: Brian thinks he has found the culprit. Meanwhile, Pat is celebrating.

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  • Brian has bumped into Sabrina Thwaite – no doubt an enjoyable experience in itself – but he is very pleased by her reaction to the leaflets. There is nothing in The Echo, after his efforts on Monday, but Jennifer draws his attention to the internet and a new website about the “Ambridge new dairy”; it is complete rubbish; outrageous! Brian storms off – straight to Bridge Farm to take Pat to task; why he thinks Pat is behind it is a mystery but he gets short shrift from her.
  • Jennifer goes to the Ambridge Organics Launch Event with Lilian; she is somewhat anxious in view of her strained relationship with brother Tony. Matt sends his apologies; Brian has merely not come. Shelley Brazil is as good as her word and turns up with photographer and the speeches go down well; Jenny however is uncomfortable because there has been so little interaction with Tony; but she is persuaded to stay.
  • The family are pleased with the event – except Tony, who these days is not pleased about anything. Who’s doing the milking tomorrow? He is.

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