Tony struggles with his workload. Brian gets a telling off.

Radio Times: Ruth feels betrayed while Brian faces up to the truth.

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  • Yes Oliver; David assures him that he and Ruth plan to talk at lunchtime. That might have been good enough but for David’s carelessness: he has left some of his research on the printer and Ruth has found it. That it was to inform their discussion is lost on Ruth: she feels that David has gone behind her back and has made up his mind to sell the herd. Not so, but they cannot go on as they are. Ruth has certainly made up her mind: they are not selling the herd!
  • Last night’s launch was a great success in terms of sales on the night and subsequent enquiries. It washes over Tony who, as usual, is full of his burdens and back trouble too. Pat points out that they are all busy; the shop needs more yoghurt and cheese and there are new orders from Jazzer’s milk round. At lunchtime, Pat tries to bolster Tony’s mood by reminding him that the idea to regroup behind the Ambridge Organics brand was his, though he still lacks enthusiasm to push ahead with the next stage. Pat on the other hand is energised: she plans to start a website to promote some informed opposition to Brian’s dairy; they beat BL over the anaerobic digester and they can beat them over this.
  • Meanwhile at dairy HQ, Brian is smarting over another article in a farming magazine making great play of divisions in the village and his family. A call from Annabelle doesn’t cheer him: she tells him that the Board is twitchy and he has been high-handed; BL needs to take the village with them; he needs to talk less and listen more. Jennifer hates saying it but she has to agree; that’s not easy for Brian to take.

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