Jennifer decides to put some facts about the BL dairy on the village website.

Radio Times: Christopher has money matters on his mind. Meanwhile, Brian craves a quiet life.

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  • Brian is getting decidedly tetchy and starts snapping at Jennifer. She tries to tell Brian to stop taking everything so personally. Annabelle only has the best interests of BL in mind.
  • Christopher is helping Neil now rather than Bert. Christopher thinks Neil should have just left it the way Bert and Joe did it! Christopher is still working through the exact details of taking over the business. They still need to keep saving but should have it finally sorted out over the next few months.
  • Alice is convinced by the plans for the new dairy. She thinks that the cows will be really pampered and suggests Jennifer puts something on the village website which seems to cheer Jennifer up and actually helps her write it. Brian is impressed too. It should really help getting people engaged in the conversation.
  • The Promises auction seems to have quite a few lots but Harry is definitely the hot topic. Alice suggests she might bid on him herself which doesn’t impress Chris but he manages to take her mind off it.

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