Pat and Ruth set up an online petition against the BL Dairy.

Radio Times: Pat and Ruth join in the fight, and Eddie shows his generous side.

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  • Ruth is absolutely furiously about the BL bumpf but Eddie sees it differently – it’s more jobs from his perspective. Ruth apologies for snapping but the herd is obviously weighing on her mind.
  • Pat is really enthusiastic after the launch. But Tony just finds more to moan about. Tom is at least doing his share of the milking this week but Tony doesn’t even see the point of that.
  • Jim and Christine are tackling the crossword as usual. Christine is impressed with the BL leaflet too but Jim said he could have done without the hard sell. Christine knows that George wouldn’t have liked it but it seems to be the way the world is going. Jim is definitely missing the tree planting ceremony. Religion or the monarchy on their own are one thing but both together is more than he can bear. And he is still having trouble with the timesheets for the cider. It is terrible working it all out.
  • Pat is still angry that Brian blamed her for the website. She is worried that no one is getting the proper picture – nonsense scare stories on the one hand and BL hard sell on the other. Ruth thinks they should do something but they aren’t sure what – maybe an on line petition. They set one up and think about how they might advertise it.
  • Christine pesters Eddie into offering to fit a water feature for the promises auction. Eddie is only talking about the fitting but it is clear Christine thinks he means the entire feature for free.

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