Ruth plans to write a competing article for the Village Website.

Radio Times: Alan becomes master of ceremonies, and Jolene refuses to take sides.

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  • Alan plants the Jubilee Oak with one of the children from Loxley Barrett. Jill tells Shula about Eddie’s promise of a water feature for the promises auction. She will bid for that. Alan has some mysterious plans for Lent and won’t tell what they are. Shula isn’t interested; her concerns are that the man who bought Topper (and had him at livery in The Stables where Freddie could visit him) has decided to sell. Jill tries to tell her that Freddie will adjust but Shula isn’t convinced.
  • Jazzer is getting annoyed at the number of bids for Harry in the auction. Ruth asks Fallon if she can put up posters advertising her e-petition against the dairy and Fallon is happy about it but Jolene less so. She tells Ruth she has to take them down – with opinions divided she doesn’t want to be upsetting half of her customers. She doesn’t want the Pub involved. Fallon and Jazzer instantly get into battle over it and Jolene says that proves her point. Jolene points out there are other places such as the Village Website where there is already an article. Ruth is surprised to hear that.
  • When Jolene and Ruth look at the article, Ruth is shocked. Jolene still says she can’t put up the posters but encourages her to write her own article for the Village Website. It’s only right she should have her say.

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