David and Ruth finally meet Jude and are surprised at how immature he is.

Radio Times: Jude goes into the Dragon’s Den.

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  • Ruth finally gets to meet Jude and he is happy to come in for a cup of tea though Pip is very reluctant. David seems to find it impossible to make even a small effort. But it turns out Pip has been lying about even telling Jude that he had been invited to tea. But even Ruth is surprised at how immature he is for his age. Nonetheless, she is happier than she was. She doubts it will last for Pip.
  • Ian was at the end of his tether with Oliver but he has finally given up and booked an agency guy. Ian is please to hear about the clinic though and a few more tests and she is good to go. Though she will need independent counselling further down the line. Helen is welcoming the support she is getting from the clinic and friends and family but she is clear she doesn’t want the father involved, she wants the baby all to herself.
  • During the post mortem Jude says how much he liked Ruth – she is a looker and even David was just the sardonic type. He does comment on the fact that Pip didn’t tell him he was invited for tea but otherwise is very positive.

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