Kate fails to make an impression. Pat fails to share Helen’s enthusiasm. Vicky fails in the sensitivity stakes.

Radio Times: Hayley braces herself for Kate’s arrival.

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  • Hayley adds last-minute touches to Abbie’s birthday party arrangements, but is very apprehensive about Kate’s imminent arrival. Phoebe can’t wear the dress Kate brought with her, because it’s too small, but is eager to show Abbie and their new house to Kate. She manages to put her foot in it by commenting that Abbie speaks much better than Sipho.
  • Helen uses the Bridge Farm computer to research preconception care. Pat’s worried that Helen’s approach to her baby plans is wrong; she’s missing out on the romance. Helen comments that romance has not featured greatly in her relationships, and Pat’s forced to admit that Tony’s response to the news of Pat’s third pregnancy was ‘bang goes our chance of expanding the dairy herd.’
  • Kate is stunned by Vicky’s full-on approach, and seizes an opportunity to get away from her and join the party. Roy tries, rather lamely, to defend Vicky, but Kate’s not happy when Vicky later comments on Hayley’s skills as a mother, and the way Sipho has taken to her.
  • Kate’s even more upset when Phoebe tells her she doesn’t listen to what Phoebe tells her about school. It seems she can’t get anything right. Roy tries to cheer her up; by the end of her stay she’ll know everything.
  • After the party, Hayley tells Roy that Kate just wants to be the centre of attention, and to pick up where she left off, without a thought for them. Even more lamely, Roy tells her it will be different this time.

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