David and Ruth look forward to their future together. There’s no bail for Owen.

Radio Times: The party spirit eludes Kathy.

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  • Kenton is being very attentive to Kathy; she is on tenterhooks waiting for news about whether Owen will be released on bail.
  • David and Ruth are pleased with their new bull; it was difficult to get the kids to school today. David wants to talk but is interrupted by Phil coming to look at the bull. It’s understandable but will he ever go?
  • Alone at last David pours out his thoughts. Their life together at Brookfield is too precious to throw away over a bit of hurt male pride. Ruth had her reasons for preferring another man and some of them, David admits, were his fault. He truly believes that it won’t happen again and he really does forgive her. They declare their love for each other to the chagrin of their seemingly rather jealous new bull, who looks on.
  • At Jill’s birthday party, David and Ruth arrive very much together, about which Kenton is more knowledgeable and hence sympathetic than Elizabeth.
  • Kathy has heard from the police; Owen has not got bail. That’s a relief. There are more enquiries, so the police may be back; who else will they want to speak to.

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