Brian will allow Ruairidh to stay with Adam; Ed seems determined to stay single.

Radio Times: Fallon fears the competition.

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  • Kirsty has taken on the role of agony aunt: she is being supportive of Brenda who is being given a hard time by Tom, belittling her success working for Matt Crawford. Fallon is in love with Ed but he is out on a date with another girl – as a favour for Jazzer.
  • Alice is saying her farewells to Spearmint. She has arranged that Adam, not her father, will drive her to the airport but she would like mum to come too; Jennifer was about to try to get the invitation extended to Brian when he interrupts. Brian thinks that Adam might have been more thoughtful – that’s rich coming from him; Jennifer thinks they need to have a little talk.
  • Fallon is still stressing about Ed’s date but Kirsty tries to make light of it. Fallon is going to have to spell out how she feels.
  • Jennifer asks how Brian could hurt Adam’s feelings after all he has done. Brian didn’t mean to upset him but his instinctive reaction was to keep Ruairidh from a ‘confusing’ situation – two men living as partners; this not the role model he wants for his son. He is also a bit jealous that he cannot keep up, when playing with Ruairidh, like Adam and Ian do. Brian concedes over Adam looking after Ruairidh but he is not yet ready to have a conversation with Adam about it, so Jenny must tell him.
  • Ed is a surprise visitor to The Bull – in dire need of a drink. The ‘date’ did not go well (Fallon is pleased to hear) and he is determined to go back to their pact of being friends and not seeing anyone else (Fallon is disappointed). Kirsty’s interjections are not very welcome – just don’t say anything.

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