Owen is arrested over Kathy, David is open with Ruth and Jennifer learns more about Brian.

Radio Times: It’s confession time for David and Ruth.

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  • There’s a rude awakening for Owen as the police arrest him for raping Kathy. Of course he protests his innocence – very loudly.
  • David is up early too and he has something on his mind; he arranges with Ruth to talk later.
  • Jennifer is grateful to Adam for suggesting a holiday but she has a favour to ask.
  • Of course, what is troubling David is Ruth’s breast reconstruction – why, and why now? Ruth wants to feel more comfortable and have more options about what to wear, to feel more attractive – but for whom? She is amazed that David thinks she still has Sam on her mind – or some other man – that he still can’t trust her. How can they go on? That she had wanted to go with Sam shook David; so he had to tell her how he felt and to ask her why. She chose David and her marriage but if he doesn’t forgive her, it’s no use. If he says he forgives her, he has to mean it.
  • Owen refers to Kathy as an ex-girlfriend who couldn’t keep her hands off him. The rape accusation is an alibi to cover up her dalliance with him while Kenton was away. He suggests that Sid should be charged with assault – that’s why he left the village.
  • Jennifer is so excited but is worried about Ruairidh; could Adam and Ian stay at Home Farm while she goes to Barcelona? Adam explains that he had already offered. Jennifer cannot believe that Brian would react that way. She will speak to him; she has let too many things go in the past. Not any more.

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