Kathy is relieved to share her secret with Elizabeth and Nigel.

Radio Times: Nigel and Elizabeth discover the truth.

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  • Lower Loxley is host to a noisy but splendid steam engine and Nigel wants one; will he ever grow up? However, something more serious is afoot: Kathy wants to talk to them – in private.
  • Alice had such a good time at her joint party with Adam; the two sets of friends got on really well. Ruairidh has a cheery greeting for Alice but she cannot muster much of a greeting for Brian.
  • Kathy comes to the point about Owen, although his real name is Taylor. Nigel and Elizabeth are completely taken aback: they had thought that Kathy and Owen were close and assumed the allegations were no more than that.
  • Brian is really worried: Alice is going at the end of the week and it looks as if there will be no reconciliation. His offer to take her to the airport is kicked into touch.
  • Elizabeth feels that she should have realised at the time: it was so unlike Kathy to have taken so much time off just for flu. They are very supportive and Kathy feels better for having told them.
  • Brian has a surprise for Jenny, although he does admit that it was Adam’s idea: he has booked along weekend in Barcelona. She need not worry about Ruairidh, as he will ask Bridget to have him.
  • Nigel and Elizabeth mull over the news and Nigel promises dire consequences if he shows his face around Lower Loxley (and Kathy) again. But he has not been charged yet; whatever happens, Kathy has a long way to go.

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