David and Ruth move out of Brookfield and Shula doesn’t like finding Jill in tears.

Radio Times: A house is not a home.

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  • Jill’s cooked up a huge breakfast feast, but David and Ruth aren’t really that hungry – or communicative – and want to get on with moving out. The parents obviously wanted to try to change they’re mind – to no avail. Ruth points out that Pip especially, will miss the house and tells Jill that there’ll be no third child in the bungalow – Jill is shattered.
  • David admits that sharing Brookfield’s not been all bad, but they’re not leaving in a fit of pique. Lizzie’s been offered an alternative and rejected that – where does she think they can go from here?
  • Shula finds her mother in tears and learns of the move and the no baby and comforts her mother and blames Elizabeth for everything, understanding completely that David cannot accept the current position. She storms home (interrupting Alistair talking with Janet about plans for assauging teenage boredom) and promises to have it all out with Lizzie – it’s all her fault, after all.