Jennifer’s still not happy and Edward’s fiddling on the roof.

Radio Times: Edward gets his teenage kicks.

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  • Pat’s sorted out the lease, only the signing of the contract to go and the shop’s theirs! Clarrie’s pleased, what with her home being such a great place at the moments, Joe moaning about leaving the village, Eddie never in, William packing and Edward just being 15.
  • And being it with Emma in the churchyard. Two debutant voices of uncontented, bored Ambridge youth. Loafing around with only the excuse of taking a break from their work to save themselves from Janet’s offer of finding them something to do. Edward, though, has heard from Fallon that Sid’s been paying visits to Jolene ….
  • Jennifer’s round to discuss Helen’s 21st present with Pat, and the idea of a “classic” handbag is approved albeit not enthsiastically! She’s still down about Debbie’s wedding, although the reception being at Grey Gables will be nice, but Brian’s still so angry – especially being the pariah over the Grundys. Helen, we heard, is one voice who agrees with the decision – bad farmers who got what they had coming to them.
  • Still bored in the churchyard, only Edward sets his sights higher. Firstly the porch, then the roof … and then he gets stuck. A few loosened tiles and some panicky vowels and Janet spots him, sending Emma to get the key to the tool shed from Shula and talking Edward to a safe spot where they’ll put a ladder up to meet him ….