Stalemate in the Brookfield saga and Jolene’s cold turkey doesn’t last very long.

Radio Times: Part-time love?

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  • Phil and Jill have visited the accountants – and go straight to Lower Loxley (which doesn’t please David). The accountant agrees that offering shares in the farm will almost certainly lead to its break up, so has suggested that they leave the land to David and Ruth and the house to Shula and Elizabeth, who would rent it to David and Ruth (or give them first refusal to buy). Lizzie’s isn’t happy with this, she still wants part of the farm (“it’s not about feelings it’s about fairness”) and David’s furious that they’d be slogging (with no input from Lizzie) to have the farm make money to pay rent to his sisters who are rich anyway. No one is happy about this – least of all the increasinly frustrated Phil.
  • Sid deliberately goes to the gym to meet with Jolene, despite her breaking off contact. They go to her house to talk. He was surprised by her reaction – surprised that anyone could feel that way about him. He can’t leave Kathy and Jamie, though and, she admits, is that way it is, then sobeit – Jolene would rather have some than none as she tells him again that she loves him.