Caroline offers William a roof and Jolene breaks off all contact with Sid.

Radio Times: Jolene is going cold turkey.

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  • Shula’s (increasingly ridiculous) craving has gone so far that she’s even bought herself a chocolate-smelling candle! Maybe, when they pick up the adoption forms from the magistrates’ court on Friday, they can see if there’s a beer one for Alistair?
  • William’s in the Bull (to avoid his dad at home) and Jolene’s taking the line-dancing classes (and avoiding Sid). She persaudes him to join in and Clarrie’s worried that, having failed with the father, she’s going for the son!
  • Caroline telling Shula about feeling a little annoyed at having a conversation with Brian and his criticism of Debbie’s relationship with an older man – still remembering fondly her own time with Guy. They go for a drink in the Bull where Caroline first tells Clarrie – then William – about the offer of him moving into the Dower House. No thinking required – he’s very pleased with the idea!
  • Jolene’s avoiding Sid and, while he wouldn’t mind remaining civil, she wants to break off all contact – taking the line-dancing to the Cat, cancelling her gym membership – complete cold turket. That’s what he wanted, after all?