Debbie’s running away from maternal wedding plans and William’s furious as the Home Farm lake is raided again.

Radio Times: Elizabeth is paranoid.

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  • Jennifer and Peggy have dreamed up a plan which they hope to put to Debbie – what about having her wedding at Lower Loxley? Friendly venue and, possibly, more likely to “forget” that Brian (and others, the likes of Adam and Kate) weren’t there. Debbie was actually at Lower Loxley anyway, to ask Lizzie to be one of the witnesses (together with an academic friend of Simon’s) – she’s chuffed with the offer and commisserates with Debbie over their own battling families. (She’d spoken to Ruth on the phone and was worried that she was conspiring to not let her talk to Phil.)
  • Eddie was up late last night which meant a “lie-in” this morning while Clarrie was busy reacting to a letter from the housing department – there is no permanent council accomodation in the area around Ambridge. Hardly a surprise, but while Eddie seems happy to leave the area, Clarrie and the others don’t fancy that prospect.
  • William’s in a lather – their lake has been raided again – and he comes stomping home to confront his father. While he had been out late last night he denies it, but father and son angrily confront each other, William blaming Eddie for getting them into this trouble, and Eddie berating William for taking the coin of the man who he blames for putting them in there predicament. Vitriol pours – and William re-affirms that if he has to choose between his job and his family, loyalty to the job will win out.