Lynda helps the Grundys in a small way and David’s alienating his nearest and dearest.

Radio Times: David cannot take any more.

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  • A special Sunday lunch á la Phil, not advertised as such, but Jill’s hoping that it might build some bridges. Hardly. The weather has turned chilly and Brookfield’s atmosphere is still barely warmer. Phil’s trying to avoid the subject until he meets his advisor on Wednesday – but he’s sure that he’s fed up with his children behaving like children.
  • Lynda, who’d tried to buy the sideboard (via Nelson) when it had been Jethro’s, wants to buy it again, now Clarrie’s selling it. The small ad said £50, but surely that’s a misprint, Lynda refuses to pay any less than £300 for it. On other money matters, while it’s still a large amount, Ted Burns has beaten their delapidation bill down to “merely” £9.500. Clarrie quite fancies a quite evening in, Eddie though has plans … which Clarrie just does not want to know about.
  • The snide remarks reach a head and Phil gives David a bit of lip – the good of the family and the farm is in his heart, can’t David see that? While Phil’s not pandering to Lizzie, he does want to please all of them. David’s not feeling particularly flexible and, faced with living under the same roof as his parents, declares that he, Ruth and the kids are going to go back to the bungalow. Which is the first Ruth has heard of this. David might be at the end of his tether, but Ruth’s not far from the end of hers either – and no new baby if they’re in the bungalow!