Brookfield’s problems are not solved with chocolates, nor by father-son discussions.

Radio Times: Jill puts the chocs away.

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  • Jill and Jennifer console each other with their problems – and with Shula’s box of chocolates, given to Jill because it was too much temptation if left at Glebe Cottage. Jennifer’s unhappy at Brian’s view of the wedding and Jill’s still not amused at her family’s opinions of the inheritence issue. (Jill’s a little sheepish, though, when Phil points out that the chocs were there for safe-keeping, not eating!)
  • Pat and Tony have found the shop they’re after and want to move things forward as quickly as possible – while lunch in the Bull isn’t so speedy with Sid on a go-slow that’s perplexing Kathy.
  • David is badgering his father over the future plans and Phil doesn’t want to be rushed, he suggests professional advice, but David is scathing – he blames his sister, fair and square. Making the farm profitable and pay its way with all the new expenses (pensions, land purchase, etc.) is going to be difficult enough with paying Lizzie a dividend too!