Caroline helps Clarrie over the feed bill and Brian is not planning on being there to celebrate Debbie’s wedding.

Radio Times: Caroline is a first-class friend.

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  • The council have written to the Grundys promising them a roof, but on closer inspection they’re not guaranteeing them a roof in Ambridge. Clarrie’s worried what this will to do Joe and well as the effect on her, Eddie’s and William’s work. On top of all that, she’s still worried about the turkey feed bill, until Caroline steps in. She’s sure that the feed company know about the bankruptcy and are trying it on in order to jump the queue of debtors. She’ll help Clarrie draft a stinging letter and is confident that the company will back off their threat of court action against Clarrie – which is great relief.
  • Jennifer’s getting herself very keyed up about Debbie’s wedding – which is more than Debbie is. Jennifer’s idea of low-key is not hers, but she’s trying to at least be accomodating without encouraging her mother. In a quiet moment Brian, tactfully, tells Debbie how much she means to him and how much he dearly believes that she is making a huge mistake. Debbie’s convinced that marrying Simon is the right thing to do and has no intention, no matter how much the man she is happy to call “Dad” would rather she did, of calling the wedding. In which case, Brian is deeply sorry, but he doesn’t feel able to celebrate her wedding and will not be coming to the ceremony.