David can’t handle his daughter. Kate doesn’t know how to handle her daughter

Radio Times: Helen tells Kate some home truths.

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  • Kate gives Adam a hand assembling some benches for the pickers. She seems upset by the difference Ruairidh has made to the dynamic at Home Farm. Adam admits he’s apprehensive about the future; will Ruairidh want to run the farm when he’s 18? He’s also very cynical about Brian.
  • David’s in a bad mood; the tractor won’t start and they’ve had a sleepless night waiting for Pip to return. Ruth’s letting her sleep in as she doesn’t have classes until later. Then Pip comes downstairs, and is very rude to both Ruth and David, using every argument they put forward as proof of her unjust treatment. David retreats to the tractor.
  • Bert takes a look at the tractor, and prudently suggests that David might leave him to it. He tells David about Jill’s gift of the blazer, and admits that he misses Phil. Right now David misses him too – for advice on how to handle his daughter.
  • Helen calls to meet Sipho and is entranced by him. He finally falls asleep in her arms. Kate’s impressed – can Helen be broody, she wonders. She tries to sound Helen out, but gets nowhere. When she mentions her problems in re-establishing a relationship with Phoebe, though, Helen gives it to her straight; Kate left Phoebe with Roy to start a new life. There are many ways of being a mother. It’s for Kate to work out what’s best.

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