Kate suggests Phoebe has some piercings after buying her earrings.

Radio Times: Kate gets maternal on Mother’s Day.

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  • Kate’s got a new top for Phoebe as a Mother’s Day gift, one that should fit this time, and some gold earrings. Vicky points out Phoebe’s ears aren’t pierced yet. Kate asks Hayley if she can take Phoebe to exchange the earrings for something else after school tomorrow, but then has a better idea; Phoebe could have her ears pierced then. It’s something a girl always remembers. She realises she’s getting carried away and says Hayley will need to talk to Roy. Hayley agrees, and makes clear the answer may be no, so don’t mention it to Phoebe. And only her ears are to be pierced!
  • Jamie’s hard at work removing his graffiti. He almost slips up when he corrects Lynda on the location of some more of his and Josh’s handiwork on the village hall. When he hears Lynda tell Kathy that two Felpersham tickets are now one of the prizes he rushes off to tell Josh; the two of them can win it, easy.
  • Alan and Lynda had to clear up more avian carnage in the churchyard before the service, but she’s got an idea what may be causing it and will keep an eye out.
  • Vicky’s disappointed to learn her twelve cows are already in with the herd and insists on being alerted when Luscious Lashes starts to drop her calf. Mike and Co. are getting about twelve new customers a week on the milk round; less than hoped.

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