Phoebe’s ears are pierced at a bikers’ tattoo joint. Pip’s home late.

Radio Times: Lilian finds an unexpected source of support.

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  • Hayley and Roy have agreed to Kate getting Phoebe’s ears pierced after school. Hayley’s concern that they will return late is unfounded. Perhaps Roy’s right and Kate has changed. Roy’s optimism is unfounded. Kate took Phoebe’s to the tattoo shop where all the bikers hang out next to the factory, where she got her first tattoo as a teenager. Not the accessories shop in the precinct as Roy had assumed.
  • Lilian seems down so, after the PC meeting, David keeps her company in the Bull for a drink. Eddie’s celebrating his 59th birthday; it’s Ben’s today too so David gets on home. Lilian takes a call from Paul, she’s glad to chat to someone about the confiscation hearing on Wednesday. She’ll let him know how it goes. He’ll look forward to the call.
  • Pip returns home, 11:45pm, 45 minutes late. David has waited up, dozing. A row ensues. It brings down Ruth warning to keep the noise down as a wired Ben’s only just got off to sleep. Too late, Ben rises. Ruth’s got to be up in a few hours for milking. We’ll talk about it tomorrow!
  • In other news, Brookfield hasn’t seen Jill much recently, and Sid’s Lucy is three months pregnant in New Zealand.

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