David finds a way to divert Bert. Lilian finds a way to divert Matt.

Radio Times: Brian and Matt get conspiratorial.

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  • As David and Ruth set out to do some fencing work, they meet Bert, who has come to finish the ploughing he started on Wednesday. David is rather short with him, and asks Bert to move the sofa from the workshop. Loftily, Bert tells him it’s more important to brush up on ploughing technique in readiness for the competition. David suspects he’s becoming an alibi for Bert where Freda is concerned.
  • A bored Lilian asks Matt to take her out to lunch, but he claims he’s far too busy with meetings all day. Lilian doesn’t appear convinced, but says she’s going shopping in Stratford. Adam drops in to ask where Debbie is – he’d like a meeting with her if she can spare the time. Matt springs to Debbie’s defence.
  • David admits that Ruth was right about organic fertiliser use. The grass is looking good. Ruth finds it ironic that they should be following in the footsteps of Grange Farm. They agree that to stay in the market, they must be continually improving their product. Ruth wonders about changing the bloodstock and looking at a New Zealand strain. She is lost for words when David tells her that if anyone can make it work, she can.
  • David hits on a solution to the problem of Bert’s continual presence at Brookfield. He shows him the Town Crier competition ad. Bert is very taken with the idea, and it looks as though David will lose a sofa and gain a workshop. But Bert has the upper hand. He asks for cash for the ploughing work he has done. David thinks he could have done it himself in a third of the time, but is forced to admit that he’ll never outwit Bert.
  • Over several Scotches, Brian asks Matt’s opinion of Debbie’s plan to contract all the arable work out. Matt is all for it; it makes no sense to tie up capital in expensive machinery which stands idle most of the year. Lilian makes a surprise appearance, and challenges Matt about all the meetings he’s supposed to be at. She pulls out the breathalyser; if he’s been on the Scotch, he won’t be fit to drive, so he’ll just have to let her drive and take her to lunch on the way.
  • When Adam hears what Matt had to say, he explodes with anger. Matt Crawford isn’t a farmer, he says, he knows nothing. And Adam won’t let Brian and Debbie gamble away the whole future of the farm.

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