David finds Pip has vodka. Stops money. Pip gets job at Orangery. Kate recommends a child-free life to Helen.

Radio Times: Pip fights fire with fire at Brookfield.

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  • Pip’s cynical about Borchester Land leasing Arkwright Lake to the Country Wildlife Trust for 15 years; Brian’s just after the publicity. When she plonks her bag down, David hears the tell-tale chink and discovers wine and vodka for the party she’s going to later. He’s furious, pours it away, and stops all her allowance.
  • Ruth’s unhappy at the news but points out Pip needs money for taxis and emergencies. David goes back in to say there’ll be some allowance but not for alcohol. Too late, Pip’s got a couple of Orangery shifts a week from Auntie Elizabeth and she’ll spend her wages how she likes.
  • David’s ranting at Elizabeth now. She had no right to interfere. She agrees Pip’s too young for vodka but points out she’s growing up whether David likes it or not, and she can’t control what Pip spends her wages on. David’s not surprised at her attitude; after all, she was expelled from boarding school for underage drinking. That she didn’t turn out a raddled old boozer shows that she grew out of it and so will Pip, Elizabeth retaliates. And what about David’s antics at Young Farmers? That was different, defends David. Hypocrite! Besides, Elizabeth thought Jude was rather sweet, although young for his age. You’ve met him? When!? Where!? Stop interrogating me! The more you lay down the law the more attractive Jude will seem, advises Elizabeth. Soon after, she declares David’s not listening and hangs up.
  • Kate calls in on Helen for tea and biscuits. She spots sperm donor questionnaires and Helen tells all. Kate’s dismayed. She doesn’t think Helen understands how much a child removes freedom of choice over what to do with one’s life. Helen says just because Kate failed as a single parent, doesn’t mean she will. She’s thought everything through. They go back and forth a bit. Kate’s clearly feeling constrained by having children and suggests Helen listens to her dad a bit more. She sums up by asking Helen to think before tying herself down.

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